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Astro SMS scam

Astro SMS scamAfter all the hype and publicity in the media, I can't believe that I'm still getting this kind of SMS, stating that I won RM17000 (how I wish that it could be true :p).

There are three apparent mistakes in the SMS though. On the first line it says. "TAHNIAH! Prepaid Anda Berjaya Memenangi...." (My DiGi number is a postpaid number, not prepaid) Secondly, an obvious spelling error. 'Number' or 'Nombor' in Malay was spelled as 'Nomber'. Heheh.

Thirdly, if the SMS was supposed to be from Astro Malaysia, why would Astro want to use an Indonesian registered number?

And it bemuses me that people can be fooled by such a foolish scam.

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