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Gosh, it's really been awhile since I last update this blog. All due to the poor Streamyx connection at home. I'm blogging via Jarin...

Farewell Holland!

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..Dmitri Torbinski strikes past Van der Sar to put Russia 2-1 up (© Getty Images ) Sighh... What a dissapointing result for the Netherlan...

Lat and Obama

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..Lat & Easy: US Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama in Malaysia? In previous blog entry , I missed out another one of the most import...

Faraha - Zul Azman

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Congratulations to the bride and groom! I reached there bit late and missed out the ' tol kahwin ' wedding culture of Johorean Mal...

Petrol hike madness!

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..the petrol price news dominated some of my friends' Yahoo status on the day Pak Lah announced the sharp petrol increase Many have c...

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