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Guru Azlan Ghanie and Silat

"Journalist Azlan Ghanie wants to make Malaysia the martial arts center of the world. In order to achieve this, he produces a martial arts magazine and teaches his own brand of silat."

Seni Beladiri Editor and the Guru of Seni Silat Melayu Keris Lok 9, Azlan Ghanie was featured in The Star Online today.

I had the chance of meeting him four years ago in KL when I participated in one of the many seminars organized by the Silat Melayu Keris Lok 9, the "Seminar Pahlawan Melayu Pahang, Adat & Adab Keris", which was then officiated by the Orang Kaya Indera Pahlawan Pahang, Dato' Hj. Abdul Wahid. I've been meaning to resume my silat practise/training since I graduated from uni three years ago, but sadly due to other commitments and er procrastinations perhaps, it didn't happen til now. :p

Silat: Martial art of Malaysia
..Click to watch the video

On another note, for those Astro History Channel lovers out there like myself, you must've probably watch or at least saw the ads of hit show, 'Human Weapon', co-hosted by Jason Chambers and Bill Duff. The programme recently features the Malay Silat alongside other top martial art disciplines of the world in the programme, i.e. Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Judo and many more. Guru Azlan Ghanie was also interviewed in the show. Four types of Malay silat was introduced, namely the Lian Padukan, Silat Harimau, Seni Keris Lok 9 and the most famous of all, Seni Gayung.

The publicity over Silat on History Channel is definitely a good exposure to the world and to martial arts practitioners, especially. It could probably be one of the greatest publicicty that Silat has ever had in years. What about the "Puteri Gunung Ledang" film? I do enjoy watching the movie, but totally not the silat fighting scenes. Save for the nice bunga and seni intro, the rest of all the fighting scenes in the movie is not silat at all. Sadly, it's like watching kungfu steps but the only different thing is that the fighters are Malay and wearing Malay costumes.

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