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Acheh trip!

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..Banda Aceh's Grand Mosque (source: wikipedia) I'm half way through packing my things and doing some last minute reading on plac...

Book Sale and Books

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..Gerak Budaya Year End Sale 2007, Petaling Jaya. This is not your typical book sale. :P I can see some weird looking eyes here. This is ...

The Lingam Trial

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I can't help but to blog about the current hot issue at the moment. The VK Lingam videoclip issue. i just can't take it that VK Ling...

Books of 2007

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Here are my booklist of 2007. There is a slight drop compared to the previous year, probably due to workloads and studies, I guess. Note tha...


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Welcome to shahnon.com! Finally after months of hiatus, shahnon.com is back :p Old archives (2002-2007) is still accessible at shahnon.com...

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