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Azidi & Shalin's wedding

I kick-started the new year by attending Azidi Ameran and Shalin Zulkifli's wedding reception at Shah Alam today. Azidi's mother is mom's former colleague in a local uni, so that's how we got the invitation. Here are some pictures. :)

Azidi Ameran & Shalin Zulkifli
wedding reception at Azidi's house in Shah Alam

Silat Pengantin
silat performance before the bride and groom

Ayam masywi or "ayam golek". Our local version of Kenny Rogers Roasters

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Amicus Curiae said...

kau tau,masa aku gi amek kursus kahwin, shalin n azidi pun ada sama.

very quiet couple, i must say.

shahnon said...

oh what a coincidence.. kursus kawin semua orang pun senyap kot? hehe :p

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