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Tunku t-shirt for sale! I'm now awaiting payment from the first buyer :p Here's the link from Ebay , for more details. On anoth...

Denial Syndrom

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Don't Misinterpret Permatang Pauh By-election's Result, Says Abdullah JOHOR BAHARU, Aug 27 (Bernama) -- The result of the Permatang...

Where to, Malaysia

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As expected, Anwar Ibrahim won the Permatang Pauh by-election with an increased majority. Now, let's wait for September 16 to come, to s...

Finch self-titled EP

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Finch Self-titled EP track list (released: July 22 2008). 01. Daylight 02. Famine Or Disease 03. From Hell 04. Chinese Organ Thieves Goodn...

Astro SMS scam

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After all the hype and publicity in the media, I can't believe that I'm still getting this kind of SMS, stating that I won RM17000 (...

Izzi Broadband

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Finally, after months of calling TM and cursing the Streamyx connectivity, I gave up on TM Streamyx. I've had enough of calling them e...

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