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Silver medal for Malaysia

BEIJING: Lee Chong Wei won the silver medal in the badminton men's singles after losing in the final to China’s Lin Dan 12-21, 8-21.

The world No 2 lost in two straight sets, faltering to Lin Dan, who remains the top men’s singles shuttler in the world.
In previous clashes between the two, Lin Dan had won nine times while Chong Wei had won five times.

The last time a Malaysian shuttler won a medal at the Olympics was in Atlanta in 1996 when Rashid Sidek took the bronze in the men’s singles and Cheah Soon Kit-Yap Kim Hock won the silver for the men’s doubles." - The Star

Damn, there goes our chance to win our first ever Olympic gold medal. It was a totally dissapointing one sided match and Lin Dan was just simply the better person that night. But again, a silver medal was nevertheless better than nothing.

Usain Bolt, Jamaican 100m Olympic champion
On another note, did anybody watch Jamaican, Usain Bolt smashes the 100 metres sprint world record? Bloody hell. That was one of the most amazing Olympic run that I've ever seen besides the cool Michael Johnson, 400m world record holder. He's definitely going to beat his own World Record anytime soon.

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