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Strategy for Action - Tun Razak

Strategy for Action - Tun Razak

Few days ago, mom brought home two ancient looking books from the university; 'Strategy for Action - Tun Razak', edited by J. Victor Morais (Malaysian Centre for Development Studies, Prime Minister's Dept. 1969) and 'Malay Sayings' by C.C. Brown (1989). It has been years since mom brought home 'unwanted' books from the university, so this time around, I asked where did she got it all from, and she told me that these books are going to be dumped away! Luckily mom found out about these books. I just can't believe it. This is in a public university. Throwing away old books?? It doesn't make sense at all. I wonder how many academic or history books have been discarded by the university.

I can understand if they are disposing rubbish like Mangga or URTV, but these are books meant to be kept in the library. It still baffles me to think that people in an academic institution could do such a thing. So, thanks to my mom for saving these books for me.

Note: I do not wish embarass by naming the university for an action caused by a few small minded staff.

This reminds me of Karam Singh Walia. Many years ago, there was a report in the local newspaper (I think it's NST) and one reporter asked him how does he know all the Malay peribahasa and all. To the surprise of many, he said that he learnt all of them from a book, which he found in a dustbin!


miss y lizzy said...

laa buku buang2? kasi sama orang la kenapa nak buang. and yeah convo in december.. jom ke melbourne.. haha

Shahnon said...

Melbourne? wah best tu. nak ikut! :p

rahmanraof said...

nak ikut gak!!wakakak!!

zubin said...

talking about Malaysian university buang buku, i remember few years ago i got to develop library of old books, hard cover, as old as 1910, so I call few more friends to collect. Kesian buku2 tu. Memanglah ada ulat2, tapi what I did, put each book in plastic and spray with sheltox, so the ulat2 mati dan keluar, now I still have those books on my shelves!

shahnon said...

whoa, must be interesting to see those ulats in the books! :P

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