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Manohara's family vs Kelantan royal palace

Manohara Odelia Pinot and Tengku Fakhry of the Kelantan royal family
Manohara giving SOS signal?

Above is an article from Tribun Makassar (Makassar - home of Najib Razak's forefathers) on the current hot issue in Indonesia; the kidnapping and abuse of Manohara Odelia Pinot, wife of the Kelantan royal prince, Tengku Fakhry.

Here's a transcript of the dot points in the article.
1. Manohara dan suaminya tampak menonton pertandingan bola
2. Tapi ibunya melihat ekspresi Manohara sedang minta pertolongan
3. Kerajaan (Kesultanan) Kelantan utus pembantu rumah tangga ke Indonesia - Untuk jelaskan kondisi Manohara (Betul ke ni?)
4. Ibu Mano tersinggung pembantu rumah tangga yang diutus

So, who is right? Manohara or the Kelantan royal family? It saddens me if what Manohara's mother claims to be true, that the royal palace sent over their "pembantu rumah tangga" to Indonesia to settle this issue? Oh well, I prefer to see this matter being resolved amicably between the two families without the need to go to the court.

And as usual, the nationalist Indonesian media just love to sensationalize anti-Malaysia sentiments by showing Malaysia as a big bully, a country with no respect for others, and funnily even the Yang diPertuan Agong Sultan Mizan wasn't spared either. Probably some of them don't know that there are 9 royal families in Malaysia.

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