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Khir Toyo blogs!

10:29 0

Ex- Menteri Besar of Selangor, Dato Seri Dr. Khir Toyo has started his own blog! drkhir.blogspot.com Hope it's the real Khir Toyo and n...

Manic April

16:12 2

April is another 7 days to go, but I can already feel the coming of May. Busy weeks up ahead. Loads of assignments, term papers, presentatio...

Windows Vista SP1

03:11 0

Ah, finally a Vista update. Although I've been using Vista since buying my Dell laptop last August, I'm not really keen on using it ...

Pak Lah oh Pak Lah?

21:55 0

Malaysiakini: Anwar says he's moving toward forming new government Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim today said he was moving towards for...

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