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Utusan - political headline of the day

Utusan Malaysia: BN 1, PAS 1, PKR 1

According to the news headline above, it seems that BN didn't lose after all! :P
Let's be fair to Utusan. Being a pro-establishment paper, definitely some kind of a political spin were to be expected, but who would've thought such a thing? I must commend those people in Utusan for putting up such a creative headline. No, seriously I mean it. Hehe.


Kok Chiang Ng (KC) said...

Haha, they have always been creative :)

Shahnon said...

Hey KC,
thanks for dropping by. :)

Kok Chiang Ng (KC) said...
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Kok Chiang Ng (KC) said...

I like your post on the Tri-Election and the Blogosphere. If the results can be correlated to the number of hits of the sites, that would be more informative. Or even a further breakdown into geographical locations of the visitors. Let me know tho if u know a good way :) I can think of one but just that not all sites are subscribed to the tracking services.

p.s. I voted for your site.

Shahnon said...

Yes, no doubt that would be great but I'm not sure if there's any website offering such tracking services.

Blogpulse.com is quite good too. Besides analyzing blog trends you can also analyze the blog contents on any particular peak in the graph. I'm still relying on it for my research. :)

Kok Chiang Ng (KC) said...

Would definitely be interesting to read your thesis. So, what other tools are you using for your research? Also, how accurate is blogpulse, in terms of coverage etc? If you have some funding you might be able to get some paid info. Nonetheless, I believe you should not exclude online newspapers in your research. Blogs maybe popular for now (I am skeptical of how long this trend is going to last), but online newspapers are here to stay. Just a personal opinion. :)

Shahnon said...

Of course Blogpulse is not without its flaws too. But to compare with other tools around, I'd say it's the best so far.

The good thing about Blogpulse is that there's more to play with compared to Google Blogsearch. E.g. you can set how many results you want, say 25 or 50. And you can set the date you want and so on.

The other tools that I used are Alexa and Technorati. Both are useful to gauge popularity of blogs. I have to rely on both since neither one of them are 100% accurate.

The best tool have got to be Issuecrawler. Here's an example what it can do.

Yes, no doubt online newspapers are here to stay, but if you look at the growth of blogs, they have been exponential. The fact that Malaysian political scene is getting more vibrant and open is also one reason why more people are opting for blogs. Simply because technically, it's easy.

And secondly, the blogging community here forms a wider and new trend of political participation. These are some of the reasons why I'm focusing on blogs.

Thanks for your feedbacks, though. :)

Kok Chiang Ng (KC) said...

Good luck with your research and thesis. As long as you define your scope and aware of its limitations, it would be a good piece of dissertation. Oh yea,do you have the demographics of political bloggers in Malaysia? I have a feeling they are mostly old farts(retired writers, editors, politicians etc.) while young bloggers tend to write more about lifestyle and personal stuff, more like online diaries.

Shahnon said...

If you're referring to the top political bloggers, yes, you're absolutely right. Average age of top 10 bloggers (as of Jan 09) is 58 year old male. Two of the oldest are Tun M and Kit Siang. Lol. :P

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