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New Malay Indian party?

New Malay Indian party vows no street protests
Malaysia Sun
Wednesday 20th May, 2009

Petaling Jaya, May 20 : The newly-formed Indian origin Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party will not resort to street protests, preferring to solve things through discussions.

Party president and former Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) national coordinator R.S. Thanenthiran said grievances could be heard through round-table discussions.

"Enough fighting on the streets. We are more determined than ever that non-violence is the way forward with dignity and justice," he told reporters on Tuesday.

Read the headline above. I think it contains some serious error. I believe it should be read as "Indian Malaysian party". 'Malay Indian party' sounds more like a Malay based party in India. Hehe.

I wonder who owns the website. It doesn't look like it is owned by a Malaysian. The flag at the top of the website looks more like an American flag - without the yellow star and crescent.

On another unrelated event, I'd like to share Rehman Rashid's take on the "Indian Malaysian" or "Malaysian Indian" terminology in his article, "Which is the adjective, and which the noun?" in the NST. I find his views rather interesting, yet very strange that nobody has ever talked or discussed about it all these years. Here's an excerpt of his article.
"Malaysian Indian", "Malaysian Chinese" -- this must be the only nation in the world where ethnic communities are so designated. No one's ever heard of "American African", "Australian Vietnamese" or "Canadian French", so why "Malaysian Indian"?
For our purposes, however, it's well past time to rectify this strange and unwholesome anomaly. We are Indian, Chinese and Malay Malaysians, as we are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu Malaysians, as we are tall, short, thin and fat Malaysians.

Thank you bro Rehman for writing such a thought-provoking article.
What say you?

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