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Tunku Abdul Aziz joins DAP?

Tunku Abdul Aziz
So the former Transparency International (TI) President, Tunku Abdul Aziz has joined the DAP. Finally DAP has suceeded in getting a high profile Malay individual to join the party, after years of being portrayed as a Chinese party. Well, frankly to me, one Malay joining the party doesn't really makes any difference.

The irony of Tunku Aziz is that, a couple of weeks ago he critised Anwar Ibrahim in his weekly column in the NST (NST: Cut the theatrics, Anwar, and let Malaysians get on with their lives [I couldn't find the archive in NST online) for failing to submit his DNA to the police and so on. Is he now willing to give support to Anwar as future Prime Minister, like what DAP has endorsed in their recent triennial national congress? Too many contradictions lah this fellow. I wonder what is his real motive in joining politics?

Cut the theatrics, Anwar, and let Malaysians get on with their lives
By Tunku Abdul Aziz

IT seems to me that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is suffering from paranoid delusions. His preoccupation with what he sees as political conspiracy against him is doing his reputation and credibility, such as it is, enormous damage.

To compound the growing cynicism about his version of events, he has not, to date, been able to produce any verifiable evidence to support his contention.

As far as I am concerned, and for all practical purposes, his claim of victimisation at the evil hands of the authorities is just so much political posturing, and has to be viewed, sadly, as a ploy to gain sympathy for his cause and confuse the gullible in our midst..

Dear NST, you may now get rid of this guy as a columnist from your paper. :)

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