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Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra t-shirt

Tunku t-shirt for sale! I'm now awaiting payment from the first buyer :p
Here's the link from Ebay, for more details.

Malaya aka Operation Malaya (1949)

On another note, in conjunction with our 51st Merdeka Day, The Annexe Gallery, Central Market, will be having a whole lot of activites from exhibition, lectures, film screenings and etc from 29 - 31 August 2008. Free admission.

One event that I'm looking forward to is the film "Malaya" (poster above) on Saturday 2.30pm & 6.30pm. Below is the synopsis from the mail I received.
Malaya (1949): aka Operation Malaya, during WWII, the CIA sent Spencer Tracy (Priscilla Queen of the Desert) and James Stewart (Hitchcock's favourite actor) to Malaya to steal rubber from under the Japanese's noses... [95mins]

Happy Merdeka & Happy Ramadhan!


zubin said...

do u mean it is okay for non-muslim non-malay transexual? what about other religion? Does Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jew allow them to be transexual? That's interesting!

Shahnon said...

well, that was just my personal opinion. I don't really know much about the laws etc :p

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