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Thoughts on Barack Hussein Obama

Some quotable quotes of Obama's inauguration speech taken from the Internet.
"President Obama's first call 'was to President Abbas'
President Obama placed the Middle East at the forefront of his first hours in office yesterday as he sought to make good on his promise of “ushering in a new era of peace.” - Haber27.com

"United States President Barack Obama is expected to sign an executive order Thursday to close the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba within a year." - Bernama.com

"Mr Obama, who was sworn in using his full name of Barack Hussein Obama, also spoke directly to those of the Islamic faith, seeking to separate Muslim moderates from Islamist extremists.

During the election campaign, Mr Obama said he would travel to a Muslim country in the first 100 days of his presidency. Malaysia, Indonesia and Morocco are understood to be under consideration." - Telegraph.co.uk
Read President Obama's Inauguration Speech in full

While I do not want to be overly optimistic with the quotes above, I believe these are encouraging words from the new President of United States. Regardless of what people think, to me, Barack Hussein Obama is definitely the lesser of two evils. I seriously doubt that if John McCain won the presidential election he would have said or done anything close to it.

Commenting on Obama's Middle East peace plan, I think it is indeed laudable. Again, while not being too optimistic, I do hope that with his diversified and intellectual background and his vast knowledge of the international aspect of society and culture, Obama could achieve what his predecessors; from the progressive and idealist President Woodrow Wilson to the worst president in American history, George Bush - had failed to accomplish. I know he was pretty silent on the recent Israeli raid on Gaza, but to be fair to him, we should give him a chance to implement his ideals and to put his words into concrete actions.

Let the closure of the notorious Guantanamo Bay and the early withdrawal of American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan be the first steps towards a practical and durable peace in the Middle East.

It is also interesting to note that he mentioned Malaysia (in his election campaign) out of a few dozens of Islamic countries that he intends to visit in his first 100 days in office. This is certainly a good sign. I bet George Bush or Sarah Palin probably wouldn't even know where Malaysia is. The Americans by and large are pretty ignorant of the world beyond their borders and probably unaware of the fact that Arabs are not the only Muslims and that the geographical spheres of the Muslim world is not only limited to the Middle East but stretches from Indonesia in the east to Morocco in the West.

For the record, Republican veep contender, Sarah Palin was quoted as 'did not know Africa was a continent'. How unbelievable is that for a person vying for Vice Presidency of the world's most powerful country. Thank goodness, the Republican lost. And with Obama as President, I think the world can at least 'hope' for a change, rather than feeling 'hopeless' under the previous neo conservative era of George Bush, Dick Cheney and all the right wing hawks in Washington.


Here's another great article by Marina Mahathir reflecting on the inauguration of Barack Obama - Can We Hope for a Real Change?


Anonymous said...

i agree with what you wrote. i dont profess to be an expert on politics and world issues, but im trying. and i think barack obama is going to bring change. or try his best to.

but we shouldnt depend on him so much to save the world, to save gaza, to save the middle east. Billions of muslims worldwide could make this change for ourselves instead of always waiting for someone to do it for us.

its not just for obama.

yes, WE (muslims) can too.

Shahnon said...

Hi Murni,

Yes you're definitely right. The problem in Gaza and in Palestine in general, wouldn't have happened if all Muslim leaders were strong and united.

It's really pathetically sad that the Arab leaders can't even stand in one voice to issue a condemnation statement on the recent Gaza holocause by Israel. So what else can we expect from them.

If only those oil rich Arab countries are smart enough to use their oil as weapon.

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