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Natasha Hudson and her plagiarised poems?

This blog entry is perhaps a bit too late to post, but I just found out about this awhile ago from Mat Jan 's blog, and later I found that it all started from this blog entry Here 's another blog post on the same topic. Gosh, this is so embarrassing. I pity her actually cos it is so obvious that her so-called "personal collection of poems" and "were written many years ago" is in fact a piece of plagiarised work. Even her poems sounds really odd in Malay, seriously. Allow me to post some exerpts from her poem. Not one, but three identical direct translated poems! Below are two of them taken from her book, Puisi Indah Si Pari-Pari (I'm beginning to think that she probably got the name of her book from Zamani's song, ' Syair Si Pari-Pari ' :P). Kek Coklat by Natasha Hudson Saya mahu satu kehidupan, Kamu mahu sesuatu yang lain, Kita tidak dapat makan kek coklat, Jadi kita makan sesama diri. Cake by Roger McGough i wanted one life you wan

Explosions in the Sky is coming to KL!!

..Explosions in the Sky Live in Malaysia Mannn, I really thought that I'm done with going to concert, gigs or watching live band performance, but the fact that Explosions in the Sky , (Explosions in the Sky wei! :p) is coming to KL next month is simply irresistable. An event not to be missed! Thanks to Bali for breaking the news to me. :)

Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and the late Suharto

..Baiturrahman Mosque (Mesjid Raya Baiturrahman), built during the Dutch colonial era, is one of Aceh's most visible landmark ..fisherman boat on a wrecked house, Ulee Lheue, Aceh I'm home! Back from a three-day trip to Banda Aceh, Aceh . It's a good trip to kick off 2008, though bit late that is. Here's some summary of the trip, but I'm hoping to find some time to write a full travelogue. Upon reaching Banda Aceh, I was welcomed by a huge billboard near the Sultan Iskandar Muda airport, saying, 'Anda telah berada di wilayah pelaksanaan syariat Islam. Provinsi Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam' (translated as 'You are now entering an Islamic Shariah province'). From my observation, I can sense that, after almost 4 years of the Tsunami tragedy, life has pretty much returned to normal, at least in Banda Aceh. I am aware that in certain district things are still progressing at slow pace, like Meulaboh, where 70% of the entire city was wiped out by the

Acheh trip!

..Banda Aceh's Grand Mosque (source: wikipedia) I'm half way through packing my things and doing some last minute reading on places and history of Acheh. I hope this trip will be a memorable one. I'll be back in three days time. Will write more when I get back. Later!

Book Sale and Books

..Gerak Budaya Year End Sale 2007, Petaling Jaya. This is not your typical book sale. :P I can see some weird looking eyes here. This is another late blog entry. Should've post this up last month. Anyways, I found out about this event from an ad posted on Facebook , so, many thanks to Facebook and my friend, Firdaus. Being a warehouse sale addict, I can't resist myself from not going. Books were sold from 30% up to 70%! And mind you, some books were sold for free! But, you won't find any books from Danielle Steele, JK Rowling and the likes here. There were only books on history, politics, Malaysian Studies, International Affair and such. So I bought 7 books, which some of them are related to my studies. ..7 books for RM50! How cool is that! 2 of them are free, though

"Virtual Shadow Play" cited!

..'virtual Shadow Play' project cited in an Italian thesis, 'Lo strumento digitale' Somewhere in late last year, I stumbled upon this Italian thesis via Google. It really caught me by surprise. I know this might not matter much to some and am not trying to brag myself out of this, just that it's the first time that my work is being cited, and to know that someone else used your research project as a reference, that is really something. Well, at least you know that there is some sort of value in your work. Here's the full reference of the thesis -- Lo strumento digitale >>Related link Virtual Shadow Play ..That is me (ignore the big hair :p) interviewing Pak Yusoff, the Wayang Kulit master puppetter ( Tok Dalang ) in Kota Bharu, in January 2005.

Windows Vista sucks!

Argh! I've been cursing Vista for almost every single day, it seems. The latest problem that's been bugging me is running Dreamweaver on my stupid Vista. I can't remember how many times I had to uninstall and install it again and again. It crashes after adding 'table' and other simple command. Curious to find out what went wrong, I Googled and found this; Dreamweaver 8 crashes on some Vista systems while browsing for files Dreamweaver 8 may crash when it performs file browsing actions on Microsoft Windows Vista. Some examples include: Using File > Open to browse the hard drive to open a file. Inserting an image and using the file browser to select the image. Creating a hyperlink and using the file browser to select the target file. Creating a site definition and using the file browser to select the local root folder or remote folder. Additional reported behavior includes: Crash occurs when a file browsing dialog appears. Crash occurs when browsing tw

Munirah & Zainal's wedding day

..the bride and the groom ..friends May you have a blissful marriage ahead! :)

The Lingam Trial

I can't help but to blog about the current hot issue at the moment. The VK Lingam videoclip issue. i just can't take it that VK Lingam's lawyer still has the guts to tell the Royal Commission judges that the person in the video is not Lingam! Allow me to quote this, "It looks like me, sounds like me". That is definitely the quote of the week! I just don't know what other nonsense that his lawyer would probably try to come up with in the next few days. Can't he just do a 'Chua Soi Lek', and just admit it? Goodness, isn't it so obvious already? The digital analyst has proven it that the audio matches Lingam's voice and also the video is not tampered or edited. What else do you want? Tomorrow will be an interesting day as Tun Dr. Mahathir will stand before the judges as one the key witness in this trial. But the most awaited witness I think, would be the video taker himself. That should be an interesting one to hear.

Election and et cetera

The election season is coming again! I think Pak Lah and his strategist are probably thinking of whether or not to allow Anwar to contest in the next election by now(if election is held before April, Anwar wouldn't be able to contest) Rumour has it that, Anwar is trying to so-called destabilise the country by organising demonstrations, in an effort to delay the election date as he feels that Pak Lah wouldn't call for election in time of crisis. Well, that is just one of the many political gossips flying around. Here are some of my thought that have been bugging me since Pak Lah took over the premiership from Tun Dr. Mahathir. First of all, I'm excited of that fact that I'm going to vote for the first time! The right to vote is something many have have fought and died for, though I can't think of such incident actually happened in Malaysia(or Malaya, back then). I am fully aware that my kawasan is 'sadly', a 'safe seat' for BN, hence not much of a d

Books of 2007

Here are my booklist of 2007. There is a slight drop compared to the previous year, probably due to workloads and studies, I guess. Note that I didn't include in tonnes of my academic journals here. heheh. I'm hoping to read more books this year! andd lose weight a bit. Ha ha. :p Local/Asian interest: 1. Kekasih Sam Po Bo - Faisal Tehrani 2. Bahaya Syiah - Ashaari Muhammad 3. Singapura: Basis Israel Asia Tenggara - Rizki Ridyasmara 4. I Am Muslim - Dina Zaman 5. Skali Lagi: One More Time... - Tengku Farith Rithaudeen 6. Singapore and The Many-Headed Monster: A New Perspective on the riots of 1950, 1964 and 1969 - Joe Conceicao 7. Political Awakening - Tunku Abdul Rahman 8. 13 Mei: Sebelum dan Selepas - Tunku Abdul Rahman International: 1. The Palestinian Issues: Its Background and Development Up To 2000 - Dr. Mohsen M. Saleh 2. The World is Flat - Thomas L. Friedman 3. Who Moved My Cheese - Dr. Spencer Johnson 4. Osman's Dream - Caroline Finkel 5. The Google Story - D!

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