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Presidential Election, Polls and the Pandemic

So it's less than 48 hours away to the US presidential election 2020. Trump or Biden? In a "normal" presidential election, pre-Trump era, a 10-point lead in a final poll is nothing but a foregone conclusion. Game over. Khalas. But to quote John Kasich, former Ohio Republican-governor-turned-Biden-supporter, "these are not normal times." Nobody is taking the polls as seriously as before, especially after what happened in 2016. The polls are no longer as reliable or as believable as they used to be. Joe Biden could very well win the popular vote but end up losing the electoral college, just like Hillary four years ago and Al Gore in 2000. But 2020 is not 2016 . The Covid19 pandemic has shattered America's "invincible" image and exposed the failure of Trump's leadership. I mean, how do you explain statements like, "I take full responsibility, but it's not my fault"? That is "fascinatingly" one of the most Trumpi