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How to Buy and Ship Books from Amazon to Malaysia

Today is kind of a happy day for me because I have finally figured out how to purchase books and stuff from! I know I'm a bit late on this. I always prefer to buy books "offline" but sometimes there are certain books, especially old and used ones, that you can't find it in any of the local bookstores. I've been meaning to buy cheap second hand books from for years but the problem is that Amazon doesn't ship books to Malaysia! But thanks to and for providing the solution! How it works is that the moment you register with any of the two websites above, you'd automatically be given a US address (e.g. Portland, Oregon). So whatever books or stuff you buy from Amazon or any US-based online shopping site, it will be shipped to your US address first before Vpost or comGateway ships it off to your local address. Basically that's the theory. I haven't tried making any purchase yet. But I have read

Let's talk about music

When I signed up to 6 years ago I never thought that one day I would find it useful or at least something that I can blog about. So, thanks to for keeping my music statistics for the past 6 years. Today's blog post is about my kind of music. I'm not so good in explaining about the kind of music that I listen to for the past decade or so. Some of my uni friends find it a bit odd that I can listen to songs from Siti Nurhaliza to punk rock. In attempting to answer myself, I think the reason lies in the fact that I'm not a fanatic of any genre, though I admit that while growing up, especially in my early 20s, I was heavily influenced by punk rock, emo (eg Dashboard Confessional, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, The Early November etc), indie rock (The Strokes, The Hives, The Postal Service and most other "The" bands), post-rock and a little bit of melodic hardcore (e.g. Alexisonfire and Atreyu). Punk rock bands like Mxpx, Nofx, The Ataris, New Found G