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Najib, Tun Dr Mahathir & Pak Lah

Hari-hari terakhir seorang Perdana Menteri A picture says a thousand words. ;-)

Earth Hour in Kuala Lumpur

View of Kuala Lumpur from my office window. The KLCC towers, KL tower and closer to my place, Sooka Sentral were all in the dark during this historic moment. The only building bright enough from my place was the KL Sentral building. The lights was on for a very obvious reason that nobody should blame the KL Sentral management for not participating. Hehe.

Earth Hour - 28 March!

Earth hour is here! Be part of the global campaign! Turn off your lights or other electrical appliances for one hour (8.30pm - 9.30pm) on 28th March 2009! Join Malaysia as we take part in a global movement to stand united with 1000 cities and its peoples for Earth Hour by switching off non-essential lights for one hour. Above is a quote from an email I received. Anyways, I'd like to comment on a letter in The Star yesterday where a so-called concerned citizen critized the idea of organizing such event. I find it totally absurd and ridiculously dumb to say that this huge global movement organized by international NGOs with the support of countless multinational corporations is a "mere publicity stunt". One must remember that this is a 'campaign', hence to run a campaign one needs to have a good publicity to spread the words around. It's interesting that the writer mentioned about Malaysia being a signatory of the Kyoto Protocol. Yes, but that is our part

UMNO elections

So the great tension of the UMNO election has finally settled. It's been with a huge sigh of relief to know that Muhyiddin won the Deputy President post. To me, the Deputy President race is far more important the Ketua Pemuda election. I just can't imagine what disaster if Mat Taib won. Although I was disappointed that Mukhriz lost (and surprisingly finishing third!), as an outsider and a non-party member, I'd like to prefer to be positive about the election of Khairy Jamaluddin as the new Ketua Pemuda. Like it or not, Khairy has to change his arrogant style. I believe the hardest part now is for Khairy to reunite the different factions within Pemuda. This is not an easy task. Mukhriz might seemed to be accepting the result well, but obviously not to his staunch supporters and majority of the grassroots who voted for Mukhriz during the pencalonan period. I wish them all the best.

Despicable Act

This is, simply, despicable. I do not wish to post the poster image on this blog (you may click on the link to view it). The person who designed the poster must be one hell of a foolish moron. It just sadden me to see the level of our political fightings have stooped this low. The fact that they're involving the Mufti and the wise Sultan Azlan Shah made it even worse. Heck, why blame the two old men? Blame the frogs who jumped ship lah. Blame the poor quality of your party candidates. I guess it's always easy to put the blame on others, rather than ourselves.

Najib signals for Mukhriz?

Is Najib sending a subtle signal to Mukhriz Mahathir for the UMNO youth chief post in his opening speech of the party wings convention? I was watching Najib's long and winding speech on Astro Awani when I heard him uttering something like "Pemuda harus mencari pemimpin yang berani berubah..blabla..". For the record "Berani berubah" is Mukhriz's campaign motto or rally cry for the election, while Khairy adopted 'Setiakawan'. Whether this is a mere coincidence or not we shall find out tomorrow.

The Best of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

UCAPAN YBHG TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD DI PERHIMPUNAN DAN SIDANG KEMUNCAK PRIBUMI PERKASA NEGARA DI KOMPLEKS SUKAN TNB, JALAN BANGSAR, KUALA LUMPUR PADA HARI AHAD, 22 MAC 2009 1. Terlebih dahulu saya ucap terima kasih kepada penganjur perhimpunan ini kerana menjemput saya dan memberi peluang kepada saya untuk berucap kepada hadirin. 2. Saya yakin ramai daripada kita yang hadir, terutamanya orang Melayu dan bumiputra lain, hadir kerana kita berasa kita berada dalam keadaan cemas, keadaan yang merbahaya, keadaan terancam. 3. Kenapa tidak? Kita kini diserang berkali-kali oleh berbagai pihak. 4. Ramai daripada orang lain berkata Melayu adalah kaum pendatang. 5. Melayu mengamalkan apartheid ala kulit putih Afrika Selatan. 6. Melayu tidak adil, suka menidakkan hak kaum-kaum lain. 7. Melayu sudah cukup kaya dan tidak perlu dasar Ekonomi Baru lagi. 8. Semua peluang perniagaan dan pelajaran diberi hanya kepada orang Melayu. 9. Kuasa politik dibolot oleh orang Melayu dan lain-lain. 10. Berhada


This is yesterday's news actually. It's pretty amazing to know that the new President is only 34 year old! I guess he is perhaps the youngest President ever to be elected. The last time I heard about Madagascar is when watching some bunch of crazy animals singing 'I like to move it move it!' hehe.

The Malaysia Model - Najib Razak

Recovery, Malaysia-Style . (The Star, 19 March 2009) I was pleasantly surprise to see Dato Seri Najib's article in The Star today that it took me a while just to stare at the page. For a moment I thought The Star is giving the UMNO President-elect a new space in the paper. But no, the article first appeared in Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. It was also translated in Malay in today's Utusan Malaysia - Tukar Cakap Jadi Perbuatan (The headline sounds rather odd to me) I have always believed that to be a political leader, one must also be a thinker. And to be a good leader one must know how to articulate his/her ideas well not only in the form of fiery speeches, but also in writing. 21st century is the age of information and knowledge, and politics in this era is about politics of ideas. This is the era of information warfare. Should one fail to get a hold of these, it means that one(read: aspiring politician) is simply not good enough. To be frank, this is one area whe

Ali Rustam and UMNO Elections

This is my first attempt of mobile blogging. Not too bad. The posting will be short and brief, I hope. I am going to be frank about the latest decision by the UMNO disciplinary board to bar the Malacca CM from contesting. With or without the decision, to me, Ali has no credibility at all to even think of contesting the Deputy President post. I agree with what Nazri Aziz said that based on technical factors alone Ali is incapable to be DPM. To begin with, he's not even an MP. And secondly, he's already a CM, for f sake. In his recent interview with The Star, Ali said that he is proud to be referred to as Pak Lah's man. What does this means? Voting Ali as Deputy simply means - No Reform. And worse, voting Ali means UMNO stand to lose big in next general election. (Najib could be a possible factor here too but that's another story for another day). I strongly hope that the board will reject his application, if he ever decide to appeal. Ali should look at himself in th

Lee Chong Wei beats Lin Dan!

Utusan: Chong Wei juarai Terbuka Switzerland KUALA LUMPUR 15 Mac - Pemain nombor satu dunia, Datuk Lee Chong Wei menjuarai Terbuka Switzerland apabila berjaya menewaskan musuh tradisinya, Lin Dan dari China pada perlawanan akhir Siri Super itu sebentar tadi. Chong Wei menang dengan straight set 21-16, 21-18. This is simply smashing! For a moment I thought Lin Dan was really unbeatable, until he lost to Chong Wei today. In the meanwhile, our doubles pair of Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong made it a double joy for Malaysia when they won the doubles title after beating Danish pair Mathias Boe-Carsten Mogensen. This is certainly a great news for Malaysia. Congratulations to them both for making Malaysians proud and giving us something to cheer about. Sometimes we just need a break. I believe most Malaysians are just sick and tired of the neverending political feud that has been going on since the March 8 general election. Anyways, I believe the next plausible step is to aim for the elusi

Al-fatihah to the Father of Modern Silat

Pendita Hj. Anuar Wahab (source: Wikipedia) Al-Fatihah and sincere condolences to the family of Pendita Hj. Anuar Wahab who has just passed away. He was the Guru Utama or the Grandmaster of Seni Gayung Fatani . Being a former practitioner of Gayung Fatani back in high school, this news comes as a really great shock. All that I can think of upon reading the news was that, it is such a great loss to the Silat world, particularly among Gayung Fatani members. If the Malay legendary warrior, Hang Tuah is well known as the 'Father of Silat', I think it is reasonable to confer the title 'Father of Modern Silat' to Allahyarham Pendita Hj. Anuar Wahab. His contribution towards the development of modern Silat in Malaysia and the world is simply immeasurable. To sum up his remarkable achievements toward Silat, it would be the modernization of the Silat syllabus, his contribution toward the establishment of PESAKA, the parent body of all Silat associations in which Silat Gayu