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TN50, Sustainability and Future Civilisation

So I have been following quite a bit about the ongoing #TN50 townhall sessions across Malaysia. But apart from the bottom up method of "crowdsourcing" ideas from the youth about their wants and needs for 2050, e.g. improving education, healthcare, national unity, economy etc etc, I think there is one thing that is somewhat missing. Granted, there have been many great ideas presented at some of the townhall sessions, but what we also need is a serious discussion about the state of THE future. How liveable and sustainable will our planet earth be by 2050? Would our resources be enough for everyone? Even now we are using more of our natural resources than we have. Like living on a credit card because you don't have enough cash.  More and more species are dying, natural resources depleting, forests being destroyed. How would our future generation cope with the impending crisis of our civilisation? Experts have reported that we are facing a mass extinction of spec

Expect more fake & misleading news ahead of next election - The Mole

KUALA LUMPUR – April 17, 2017:  Malaysians are warned to expect more inaccurate and misleading news in the months ahead of the next general election. Media experts from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) issued this caution following a recent misreporting by news portal MalaysiaKini. The  article , which was posted last week, was said to have contradicted a reply by Deputy Minister Datuk Razali Ibrahim in parliament on March 23. MalaysiaKini has since deleted the article and apologised to Razali. However, the original report by the portal continues to circulate in cyberspace. Netizens who appear supportive of the government think that the damage has been done, with the article prompting opposition leaders and supporters to attack Razali. UiTM’s Shahnon Mohamed Salleh said the public should expect more misleading news as part of a campaign tactic for the election. He said the MalaysiaKini report could have been political trickery and part of a propaganda strategy by the oppo