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BN needs to step-up its game in cyber warfare subterfuge - The Mole

 Another online media interview on Malaysian politics. Written by Amira Nutfah Zulkifli of The Mole . KUALA LUMPUR – Nov 3, 2015: The lack of tactical and robust cyber warfare strategies had been identified as the main reason why Barisan Nasional is on the losing ends against the opposition parties in cyberspace. Cyber warfare experts told The Mole that in order for BN to reverse that trend, it must also step-up its game in influencing public opinions by fixing their leadership and internal issues. They insisted that BN must work on fresh narratives for their strategies if they are to win the people’s hearts again. Primarily, BN should understand that cyber warfare involves more than just cyber troopers as for now, the opposition are thriving in resonating their beliefs and propaganda. Political analyst Shahnon Mohamed Salleh of the Centre of Media and Information Warfare Studies, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) reviews local cyber warfare as being rather phenomenal particularly a