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New Straits Time - Cyber security in Malaysia under control

Three days before the 13th General Elections, a Bernama reporter called up asking me to do some predictions on a possible cyber attack. And so I responded as per the report below. But, this may sound very cliche, politically, but I must say that I was either misquoted or the pleasant-sounding reporter over the phone didn't really get what I was trying to say. But I don't blame the reporter anyways. Ha ha. KUALA LUMPUR: CyberSecurity Malaysia has given assurance that the cyber security in Malaysia is still under control despite concerns over the increasing number of cyber attacks during the 13th general election process. Its chief executive officer, Dr Aminuddin Abdul Wahab, said CyberSecurity, Royal Malaysian Police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission were always monitoring the situation to ensure peace in the cyber world. "Internet users need not to worry. All of them, especially the adults, can help maintain peace in the cyber world by adher