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"From Sleeping Beauty to Puppet MB"

This is quite an old news actually (22 July), but the issue is still ongoing. Latest news is that Khalid has submitted his resignation letter to the Sultan but was requested to continue as the Mentri Besar until a replacement is found. Anyways, here is a tweet reply sent to mStar , an online Malay news portal, which was deemed good enough to be made headline. Thanks to my colleagues, Anita and Khai, for the alert. " Menerusi laman Twitter rasmi  mStar Online  (@mstaronline), pemilik akaun yang dikenali sebagai Shahnon Salleh (@shahnonsalleh) menyuarakan pandangan sinis mengenai keputusan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) itu... " From 'sleeping beauty' to puppet MB? " demikian tulis Shahnon selepas mengulang twit berita laporan mStar Online berhubung keputusan melantik Dr Wan Azizah sebagai Menteri Besar Selangor yang baharu. " Click for the full news report. So if anyone asks have you made any news headlines? I can now say yes. Ha ha.

World War Wired - Esquire Malaysia

Esquire Malaysia, Feb 2014 "I can understand the government's need to monitor potential threats. How do you expect them to do this without monitoring activities, conversations, channels? Let's put it simply: if the government doesn't monitor at all, they would be a fool to do that" Last December, I was interviewed by Esquire Malaysia  pertaining to the issues of cyber surveillance and the century-old-debate between liberty and security. What are the perimeters? How do we draw the line between respecting citizens' privacy and at the same time ensuring and maintaining public safety and security? Even US Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain had once publicly stated that the US do not yet have the right formula of balancing between people's privacy and national security. My view is that (this is not in the magazine) each and every country on earth have its own unique history, culture and society. In this respect, a one-size-fits-all pol