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Whither Sufiah Yusuf?

Child maths prodigy 'working as a prostitute' By Megan Levy A child prodigy who was one of the youngest students to be admitted to Oxford University is now working as a prostitute in Manchester, it has been claimed. Sufiah Yusof at the age of 15 Sufiah Yusof was just 13 years old when she was admitted to the prestigious university to study mathematics. But 10 years on, Miss Yusof now earns £130 an hour working as a prostitute from her flat in Salford, Manchester, according to the News of the World. The newspaper claims it sent an undercover reporter to the 23-year-old's home, where Miss Yusof, who allegedly works under the name Shilpa Lee, described the services she reportedly offered. [ read more ] News was first picked up from . From the comments made by her mother in Daily Mail UK , I'm quite surprised, cos it's as if Sufiah is no longer her daughter; Yesterday, her mother, Halimahton, 51, a scientist, said she had no idea her daughte

Khir Toyo blogs!

Ex- Menteri Besar of Selangor, Dato Seri Dr. Khir Toyo has started his own blog! Hope it's the real Khir Toyo and not somebody else hired to write the blog entries. On latest news, former Gerakan president, Dr. Lim Kheng Yaik and ex-Perlis MB, Shahidan Kassim has also shown interest to start blogging. Interesting development. heheh. let's wait and see.

Manic April

April is another 7 days to go, but I can already feel the coming of May. Busy weeks up ahead. Loads of assignments, term papers, presentations and final exams in April. I'll post some reminders here to keep myself on my toes. Week 11 (next Friday): Media Psychology - Case Study Week 12: FBI article critique (propaganda/psyops) Week 12: Media Psychology term paper Week 13: FBI semester essay Week 14: War Campaign paper (group) Week 15: War position paper

Windows Vista SP1

Ah, finally a Vista update. Although I've been using Vista since buying my Dell laptop last August, I'm not really keen on using it on my laptop. Been postponing (procrastinating) to "upgrade" to XP for quite some time now. This is one of the reason why I hate Vista. Want Vista SP1? Here’s what to expect When Microsoft released Windows Vista Service Pack 1 to manufacturing on February 4, they promised to make it available for the general public in mid-March. Today they delivered on that promise, making SP1 available to Windows Vista users through Windows Update and as a standalone installer package from the Microsoft Download Center. [ full report ] Hmm, I still don't see what are the differences between the old and the SP1 Vista. Anybody? :)

Pak Lah oh Pak Lah?

Malaysiakini: Anwar says he's moving toward forming new government Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim today said he was moving towards forming a new government after landmark elections, with the help of defectors from the ruling coalition. I just don't understand how Pak Lah can be so in denial about the election results. Barisan Nasional lost 5 states (According to sources, all these five states contributes to about 60% of the national GDP) And yet he can claimed that BN still have the support and 'close to winning two thirds majority in parliament'. Doesn't he know that this is the first time that there were a significant swing of votes not only from the Chinese and Indians but the Malays as well, which had never happened before. In 1999, when the Malay votes were split between BN and the opposition, the non-Malays stood behind BN. In the 1969 general election, even though the non Malays voted against the then Alliance party, the Malay vote is still strong and they

Malaysian Cabinet 2008

So Pak Lah has announced his list of cabinet members which are much smaller in size compared to the 2004 XXL size cabinet. Besides the fact that Rafidah Aziz is out for the first time in approx. 30 years and also for the first time Wanita Umno does not have a real Minister in cabinet (Shahrizat was appointed as the PM's Special Advisor), one of the first thing that I noticed in the list is that - Dafi AF6's father is in the list (??). Umno Bera MP, Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakub is the new Youth and Sports Minister. I think he is perhaps one of the lesser known Youth and Sports Minister in recent years. This ministry used to have big names previously, e.g. Azalina and Hishamuddin. On another note, few days before the election I was expecting to see Datuk Dr Noraessah Mohamed, former Bank Rakyat Chairman, to be one of the Minister in Pak Lah's cabinet, but sadly she lost to an unknown PKR candidate in Balik Pulau with a small majority. Looking at the list, one cannot miss the

Malaysian Crazy guy on Bike

I've been following Tzuo Hann 's Long Way From Home bike journal on and off for quite a while and recently while checking on his website, I noticed that he has now finally crossed the Malaysian border, Padang Besar! I remember the first time that I bumped onto his journal, he was still somewhere in Istanbul, Turkey. Well, that was many months ago, obviously. As a Malaysian I feel proud for him. Correct me if I am wrong, I think he is the first Malaysian to cycle round the world, yes? But sadly there has been no serious media coverage on him. I wonder.. I hope the government would give some sort of a recognition to his amazing feat. Man, cycling round the world, sacrificing everything that you have isn't really something that anybody can do. Though I know that he has already claimed, " family of my own, no job, no girlfriend, no strings. What more can I ask for? The time comes around only once!" . :p I've always fancy the idea of travelling the world (wel

Malaysian General Election II

Mengikuti perkembangan politik semasa tanah air, semakin geram dibuatnya melihatkan tingkah laku DAP yang terang-terang sudah menunjukkan belangnya walaupun majlis angkat sumpah di negeri Perak belum lagi bermula. PAS dan PKR adalah parti oportunis yang jelas. Kerana kuasa, mereka sanggup diperkudakan DAP di Perak. Kerana ingin menjadi kerajaan mereka sanggup bersekongkol dengan parti yang terang-terang menolak Islam. Tapi PAS tak peduli semua ini. Asalkan dapat kalahkan UMNO dan BN. Asalkan MB Perak orang PAS. Lim Kit Siang dengan angkuh sombong dan berlagaknya telah terang-terangan menghina pimpinan PAS dan Sultan Perak apabila tidak bersetuju dengan lantikan Menteri Besar calon PAS pilihan baginda tuanku. Setelah menerima desakan semua pihak barulah beliau memohon maaf kepada Tuanku Sultan Perak. Dia ni tak tahu agaknya bahawa di Perak ramai penyokong PAS telah pangkah parti Roket ini? Tapi apa PAS buat? Tak buat apa. Sebab apa? Calon MB Perak orang dia. Tak kisah kerajaan sebenar

Sunburst KL 2008 - International Music Festival

..List of Sunburst KL- International Music Festival free ticket winners :p Weehoo! I won free tickets to the Sunburst KL - International Music Festival !! (Incubus is one of the performing band of the day) Thanks to DiGi ! Finally, I won something after trying for the third time to redeem my DiGi Bonus Point (Failed in two previous attempts to redeem a Sony Ericsson mobile phone.hehe). But, I won't be going. Already sold the tickets to my colleague, who wanted to go so badly. Haha. Related blog entry Mobile Blog

Malaysian General Election

Barely two days left to go for the big day. Frankly speaking, to me voting in an election in Malaysia is like choosing between the lesser of two evils. There is no clear and obvious right or wrong side. But I'm no fence sitter. I've already made my decision long time ago. Come this Saturday, I'll cast my vote for the parliament seat of Kelana Jaya and the state seat of Subang Jaya. The Kelana Jaya parliament seat will see a three-cornered fight between Barisan Nasional (BN); Mr. Lee Hwa Beng,former Subang Jaya assemblyman, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR); the famous Lingam photographer, Loh Gwo Burne and independent candidate, Billi Lim. If you ask me, I'll tell you straight away, who is this Gwo Burne fellow before the Lingam trial? Where? What was he doing? Admittedly, I admire his courage for stepping up to become one of the witness in the Lingam trial. But what has that got to do with him standing up as an opposition candidate? PKR is just capitalising on his populari