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A Short Note on Reconciliation

Former Prime Minister,  Tun  Dr Mahathir  Mohamad  had once described the state of Malaysia’s inter-ethnic relations as one that can be termed as “racial stability”, rather than racial harmony. We have had several conflicts and skirmishes in the past but generally we succeeded in overcoming the differences. But post-13th General Elections saw yet again the rise in the  racio -political temperature. It is high time that something serious needs to be done to ensure that our fundamental structures –unity, peace and harmony – are free from threats that may come in the form of external or internal extremist organisations, groups or ideologies.   The idea of the "National Reconciliation" seminar was based on our strong conviction and consciousness that a long lasting peace and unity is in our national interest. It is something that is paramount and uncompromised. As a matter of fact, it forms the fundamental structure for our nation’s social, economic, political and cultural progre