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Biggest political bullshit

Anwar Ibrahim

Chronology of Anwar Ibrahim's September 16 news headlines from TheStar, Malaysiakini and etc, from April to date.

The Star, April 23 2008 - Anwar: Pakatan Rakyat can take over Fed Govt by Sept 16 (The first bullshit headline)

The Star, April 24, 2008 - Anwar: We have the numbers, however, we’re in no rush to replace Barisan

The Star, Friday April 25, 2008 - Anwar: We want to rule with stability

“I do not want a three or four simple majority. We need a comfortable majority because stability (of the government) is paramount,”
“They say there is no way the Barisan Dayak or Kadazan MPs will desert us (Barisan). We will see. The surprise will be coming, maybe in August,” he added. (Bullshit lah Dato' Seri. It is now September already)

The Star, Thursday July 3, 2008 - Azmin: Anwar will be PM by Sept 16 (How to be PM by Sept 16?? Parlimen tak bersidang. Macam mana nak angkat sumpah. How?)

The Star, July 16 2008 - PKR: Anwar arrest made to thwart our plans (Bullshit lah. What plan? If they want to jump, they would've done it already.)

The Star, August 9 2008: Sept 16 takeover on track, says Anwar

Malaysiakini, Sept 3 2008: 'Expect more than 40 to defect' - Sarawak PKR (Another tahi lembu by the Sarawak PKR chief)

Malaysiakini, Sept 6 2008: Anwar: Sept 16 takeover plan still on

The Star, Sept 6 2008: Sept 16 plan still on track: Selangor MB

Kompas.com, Sept 7 2008: Anwar Ibrahim “Gulingkan” Badawi Tanggal 16 September

The Star, Sept 7 2008: Plan to topple Federal Government still on track, says Anwar

The Star, Sept 10 2008: Anwar: Sept 16 target may not be achieved (Aiiickkkssss???)

Malaysiakini, Sept 10 2008: Anwar: Tarikh 16 Sept mungkin dilanjutkan... (Hah, apa sudah jadi??)

Asia News Network, Sept 10 2008: Anwar resets Sept 16 takeover target due to problems (??)

Try to count how many "on tracks" are there. And from "on track", it is now "may not be achieved". I can't wait to hear what other excuses this man has to offer comes September 16. PKR Vice President claimed that BN is doing all sort of things to prevent their MPs from crossing over. Isn't that pretty obvious and very much expected? Of course any party will try to prevent their MPs from jumping to another party. Stupid.

BN-UMNO's next real test now would be the upcoming Pensiangan by-election, which was declared vacant by the Kota Kinabalu election court. This is definitely not going to be easy as BN won by just over 500 votes in the previous election 2004. A defeat would spell a serious major setback to the ruling party. BN is now at its weakest point since Merdeka. With the way things are going at the moment, and IF Badawi still remain as Prime Minister until 2010, BN is gone case lah in next general election. That is one thing that I'm very sure of. Sigh.

--I'll delete this post if Pakatan Rakyat takes over the federal government before year end.


Antares said...

So young and already so cynical and street-savvy! Don't get middle-aged before your time, young man. Bet you saw 'Lord of the Rings.' Were you rooting for Sauron to win??? Heh heh.

Sans said...

I too am skeptical whether a takeover of the federal govt. is possible.

But your post does show one thing. They have consistenly said Sept 16. They have not wavered from that date.

Sans said...

Till now of course

Fadzli Hashim said...

It's working and that's the point. Plus, those excuses are plausible. Politics is a web of interconnecting lies and propagandas.

Shahnon said...

I thought Anwar had changed the date to Sept 20?

Technically, the possibility of PR taking over fed government before Hari Raya is not possible. There is no parliament session during Ramadhan.
I don't know. Anwar and PKR knows better.

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