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Biggest political bullshit II

This is a follow up to my previous blog entry, Biggest political bullshit

Deception. Lies. Misinformation.
Anwar Ibrahim. Tian Chua. Teresa Kok.

mStar: Anwar: 'Deadline' bukan isu, Pakatan hantar surat kepada Agong
Malaysiakini: Pakatan 'tidak tergesa-gesa' tukar k'jaan

So Anwar has said that deadline is not important anymore. If Anwar and his PKR strategists suddenly thought that toppling the government is not as easy as it looks, it is also highly impossible that they didn't anticipate this to happen. The fact that they can be so super confident is totally mind boggling, to the extent that September 16 was like all smooth sailing and they were like going to liberate the country from tyranny and corruption by planning an undemocratic katak-revolution, Anwar Ibrahim style. Heheh. And sadly, this was being repeated over and over again through the mainstream, alternative media and blogs. I guess they probably learnt it well from Joseph Goebbels propaganda tactic.

Allow me to quote Sarawak PKR chief, Dominique Ng's super confident statement on 4th of September;
KUCHING: By Sept 16 we will know who is dreaming and who is bragging, said PKR state liaison chief Dominique Ng yesterday. - BorneoPost Online

Mr. Ng, who is dreaming and bragging now??

Anwar has cleverly put the blame on Pak Lah, when in fact it is due to his own bluff and his own failure! To put it bluntly, it is stupid that Anwar would expect Pak Lah to simply agree to meet him and say, "Ok Anwar, here's the key to Putrajaya," or even agree to call for an emergency parliament sitting, when the next parliament session is just a few weeks away. So why the hurry?

If Anwar really has the numbers, why can't he just wait until parliament convenes in mid October? It just shows how desperate this man is. Who are you to force the PM to come and see you? Please lah, stop giving excuses. The fact now is Sept 16 failed. Sept 23 failed! And there won't be a change of government on Hari Raya, Oct 1. Goodness gracious, what a ridiculous idea if they're really planning to take over the federal government on a public holiday. C'mon lah. Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan ibni Almarhum Sultan Zainal Abidin pun nak beraya juga.

"916 We are there!!!!!We have got the number, and now we are ready to govern and to serve on 916." - tianchua.net

Tian Chua is another liar of of the highest order. On the eve of September 16, he posted in his blog, '916 We are there', which all Malaysians know nothing happened on that day. The next thing, he claimed that he met some BN MPs in Taiwan, which BN MP, Bung Mokhtar Raden strongly denied ('Bung: We left Taipei hotel before PKR's Tian Chua arrived').

Thirdly on Monday, and this was even reported in Malaysiakini yesterday (I think the news item was already removed), Tian Chua claimed that PKR has made contacts with Pak Lah's middleperson. which even contradict his own boss, Anwar, who clarified later that there was no meeting between PKR and the government. Commenting on the report carried by international news agency AFP, Anwar said that 'ini salah tafsir' and 'tidak tahu-menahu'. Yeah, right. Politicians will always be politicians.

Lastly, Teresa Kok.
Quoting her statement on a Malaysiakini report;
"Mereka cuba mengalih fokus terhadap isu ISA kepada isu makanan," - Teresa Kok.

YB Teresa, who was the one who first brought up the issue of 'dog food' (first it was "similar" to dog food, and in next few days, it became "slightly better" than dog food) in police lockup? Not 'mereka', it was you. Not the Home Minister or Utusan Malaysia. Although I disagree with your arrest under the ISA, that doesn't mean I agree to the controversial Azan issue or the Jawi signboard issue. It was you who tried to divert the public attention by focusing on the 'dog food' issue, which you contradict even yourself. And this was proven from yesterday's Buletin Utama TV3 news. So please, stop putting the blame on the media. What Utusan Malaysia and TV3 did was to prove that you were wrong.

I'm totally fed up and disgusted with all the political fightings going on. With no definite end in sight, I really hope UMNO delegates will make a wise decision by not nominating Pak Lah for presidency in the upcoming UMNO Bahagian meetings. Though this might not be the one-all solution to all political and economic woes, at least it will perhaps set a new clearer direction under new leadership.

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