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The Perak Circus. I mean crisis

Utusan Malaysia - Mesyuarat Exco Nizar tidak sah, macam budak-budak - SUK
Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri (SUK) Perak, Datuk Dr. Abdul Rahman Hashim ketika dihubungi Mingguan Malaysia semalam turut terkejut dengan tindakan Mohammad Nizar sampaikan boleh mempengerusikan 'mesyuarat Exco' berkenaan.

"Katakan kepadanya dia hanya main wayang, mesyuarat itu tidak sah, macam mesyuarat budak-budak," katanya.

Ketika Mingguan Malaysia membacakan empat keputusan 'mesyuarat' yang 'diluluskan' oleh Mohammad Nizar, Abdul Rahman terdiam seketika.
"Cakap pada dia, terima kasih sahajalah," katanya.

Hahah. Man, this is so funny. I just can't wait to see how long this ex-MB would last without the support from the Sultan AND the government agencies! Dear Nizar, it would be much better for you to do what Idris Jusoh did in Terengganu last year and accept the Sultan's decision.


What a disgraceful lot!!
Some group of monkeys blocking the official car of The Crown Prince of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah and other VIPs outside Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar
..Sekumpulan beruk dan ungka didapati cuba menghalang kenderaan rasmi Raja Muda Perak, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah yang sedang menuju ke Istana Iskandariah, Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar (BH)

Few monkeys lying on the road blocking the royal and VIP cars outside Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar
Dua tiga ekor beruk berbaring di atas jalan raya di luar kawasan Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar (Utusan)

What happened yesterday at the Perak royal town of Kuala Kangsar was such a shameful and uncivilised act by the beruks above. I can't help but feel sad looking at the pictures. It was something totally unprecedented in the modern history of Perak - open and blatant disrespect towards the royal family.

PAS members, which I think forms the majority of the protestors above, are known for their strong discipline and would not do something without the consent of the party leadership. Therefore, I believe all these acts wouldn't have happened without the consent of the real dalang, namely Anwar bin Ibrahim and supported by the DAP puppet ex-MB, Nizar Jamaluddin and the PAS leadership. More than 24 hours have passed and yet there is not even a single condemnation from any of the Pakatan Rakyat leaders on the behaviour of their members at Kuala Kangsar.

Friends or anybody who have been following this blog throughout some time must've notice that I don't usually express my views on local politics strongly and emotionally. But I feel, the despicable acts by the beruk-beruk in the pictures above was the last straw. It was really unacceptable.

The DAP-puppet ex MB, Nizar Jamaluddin's shameful disrespect toward the Sultan too was another disgrace. It was only few days ago that he was quoted in the media as saying, "..terserah kepada Tuanku membuat keputusan", and then when decision was not made in his favour; it is now, “Berjuang Hingga Titisan Darah Terakhir!”, said the ex Mentri Besar. But, who are you waging war against? The Sultan of Perak? No? Oh, so you're fighting against the appoinment of the new Menteri Besar, Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir, yes? But then again, who appointed him??

On the other hand, while I do enjoy reading Raja Petra's articles, it is not that often that I agree to what he has got to say. However, this time around I am in total agreement with him. Allow me to quote;
"When the Rulers of Perlis and Terengganu ‘interfered’ in Umno’s choice of Menteri Besar, we hailed them as great Rulers who are full of justice and wisdom. When the Rulers agreed to allow Pakatan Rakyat to form the Perak and Selangor state governments, they are the best Rulers in the world. Whenever things go our way we are full of praise. But as soon as the decision does not favour us they are haprak Rulers.

The Rulers are a disappointment. We are disgusted with our Rulers. Our Rulers sold out to Umno. Malaysia should abolish the Monarchy and turn the country into a Republic. And so on and so forth. That is what is on the lips of many Malaysians. But if the Rulers had favoured the opposition, even though they did so in violation of the law and the Constitution, we will hail the Rulers as amongst the best in the world.

Actually, the Perak and Selangor Rulers were worried that the Pakatan Rakyat state governments of these two states would not last, in particular in Perak, which had a very slim majority. That is why there was a week’s delay in swearing in the Perak and Selangor state governments.." - Raja Petra Kamarudin (Malaysia-Today)

Last words. "Face fact. It is Anwar out-manouvred, out-witted and eating humble pie." - anotherbrickinthewall

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