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'Geng' the movie!

Geng the movie!It's really been a while since I last blog something about Malaysian movies, or any movies for that matter. This blog has been too politically focused in the past few months - all thanks to the never ending political instabilities ever since the March 8 elections.

So anyways, I have just watched 'Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula' at TGV Sunway Pyramid with some of my office colleagues. I have read a few good reviews about the film and knowing most of the production crews and their capabilities since my university days, I have no doubt that the film will be a big hit.

And true enough, the film grossed more than RM2.5million within just 4 days! It might be just a matter of time before it exceeds beyond 5million in the next couple of weeks. I must say that for a meager budget of RM4 million, the first Malaysian 3d animation film is not just a good film, but an outstanding one.

For an extensive review of the film, read Hafidz Mahpar's article in The Star: Animating an industry.

Honestly, I can't recall when was the last time I watched a good Malaysian movie and I think this is a proud moment for Malaysian cinema and also the local animation industry in particular. I foresee that this film might grab some awards in the upcoming whatever film festival in Malaysia or maybe even overseas.

Last but not least, I recommend all to watch the movie!

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