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TheStar Letter to the Editor

It is not that often that I read the 'Letters to Editor' section in The Star. But this one by Hassan Talib is worth reading. Sadly, there are only a few political leaders (or maybe none at all?) in this country that can match the leadership attributes mentioned in the letter.

Country in dire need of exceptional leaders
GOOD governance comes from a leader who knows how to govern and lead. Therefore, the posts of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are not meant for any Tom, Dick and Harry just because he is popular with the grassroots.

In fact, the business of governing is too serious to be left in the hands of irresponsible and incompetent politicians. I would like to see the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have the following attributes:

> Statemanship; a fearless leader who can lead, with vision and integrity;
> Highly educated with strong economic and finance background; a people’s man who can respond to people’s problems; and
> One who does not play to the gallery to be popular.
The people are tired with non-stop politicking and rhetoric. We want the following issues addressed quickly:
> Unabated flow of illegal immigrants and foreign workers accepting low salary;
> Increased unemployment among youths and low and unrealisitic salary in the private sector;
> Heavy school bags even though there is a timetable;
> Re-introduction of English medium schools;
> Spiralling food prices despite lowering petrol prices;
> Racial polarisation triggered by politicians;
> Dismal public transport and absurd fares, etc.

When I graduated in 1977, my salary was RM1,250 but teh tarik was 20 sen; ABC 30 sen; mee goreng 70 sen and an average car cost RM18,000.

Today’s graduates receive a salary ranging from RM1,300 to RM1,900. But teh tarik is RM1.20 to RM1.50; ABC RM2.50; mee goreng RM3 to RM4 and an average car costs RM35,000 to RM70,000. After two dates, the poor male graduate will lose his girlfriend as he can’t make ends meet.

But what about the poor kampung folks who have to feed three children and live in a dilapidated house? What about the fisherman who doesn’t seem to be able to break the poverty cycle?

That is why we need exceptional leaders to lead this wonderful country.
We need a leader who understand the people’s needs and understands our suffering.

We need a leader who is quick to act on people’s view in Letters to the Editor.

Gombak, Selangor.


Gadis Reformasi said...

salam ziarah
salam perjuangn dri anak gadis perantauan

erykkun said...

the truth that the leaders failed to see.

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