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Metallica, Travis and Mxpx

Travis - Ode to J.Smith
Travis - Ode to J.Smith (released date: 29 Sept. 2008)

Metallica - Death Magnetic
Metallica - Death Magnetic (10 Sept. 2008)

Mxpx - Secret Weapon (17 July 2007)
[image source: Wikipedia.org]

Introducing two new albums released in September 2008; "Ode to J. Smith" by my favorite Scottish rock ban, Travis, and "Death Magnetic" by all time favorite heavy metal band Metallica and another by Washington punk rock outfit, Mxpx, "Secret Weapon", released in July last year. I'm not a fan of heavy metal, but I guess any music lover of any rock genre would or should know Metallica well. And the fact that they're releasing a new album after a lapse of almost five years makes this album something big. Again, thanks to torrent for the free albums. weehoo! :)

I'm still in holiday mood and currently working on my term paper and assignments, so Shahnon.com will probably go on hiatus for awhile.

Selamat Hari Raya!
2 Syawal 1429H.

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