Bernie, Trump and the Covid19 Pandemic

"Bernie Sanders suspends presidential campaign" - BBC.

So Bernie has officially suspended his presidential election campaign. What is the meaning of it? Bernie's exit from the race means that Joe Biden would be the Democratic party's candidate against Donald Trump. And THAT is as good as handing over the 2020 election to the Orange in the White House. 

Joe Biden is, I think, the worst Democratic candidate in 20 years; he is worse than Al Gore or Kerry or Obama or Hillary. All of these 'status quo' establishment Democrats lost against their respective Republican opponents, except Barack Hussein Obama who won twice (2008 and 2012). Biden has the least support among young Democratic voters in a generation. You don't win a presidential election without energising a key group of voters - in this case the youth votes - like how Trump did in 2016 by energising the purple state working class (those who previously voted Obama) and the rural conservatives. So it's hard to imagine someone who is worse than the 2016 loser (Hillary) to perform better, electorally. 

And pathetically, Democrats continue to play the same game expecting different results. The only possible game changer in 2020 that could prevent a Trump reelection win is the covid19 pandemic.

I'll revisit this post by November 2020, after voting day. :p