Julian Assange, Wikileaks and the War Criminals

There is a famous saying that the oldest profession in the world after prostitution is spying and espionage. The traditional idea of spying is basically to steal secret information and bring it home to your national spy agency. The internet has fundamentally changed that. 

Julian Assange's Wikileaks is like James Bond but with a twist - he dumped all of the stolen secret/classified information on his Wikileaks website for a global audience.

So finally, after "hiding" for nearly 7 years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Julian Assange, the self-declared "information anarchist", widely described by the media establishment as a narcissist, was arrested. 

Whatever your views about Assange or Wikileaks, the fact is that he and his Wikileaks outfit have succeeded in exposing the US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, exposing gigabytes of diplomatic cables documenting thousands of reports/diplomats' conversations, which amongst others confirmed and reaffirmed what many others have suspected, e.g. Saudi's relationship with Israel (both have pressured the US to take a stronger position against Iran), the Pakistani military intelligence's relationship with Islamist militant groups, and of course the famous Hillary Clinton emails during the 2016 US election, and a lot more. 

It is no surprise that Hillary and the Democratic party hates Assange so much. But Trevor Noah's trivialisation of the arrest is probably his worst show ever (I am still a fan though).

Whatever your views about Assange today, the fact is that the perpetrators of the greatest war crimes in the 21st century - Bush and Blair - are still free living in luxury, but the guy who exposed their war crimes has been arrested and due to be deported to the US.