Idiocracy and American Politics

We (America) have become an idiocracy. And it only took two and a half centuries - Joel Stein, TIME.

This is not the first article that I have read about "Idiocracy" and the surrealism of American politics. In fact, I have tweeted something similar 2 years ago (Ha ha). But anyways, if there is one brilliantly stupid Hollywood movie that I'd like to recommend, it's "Idiocracy".

It's just too stupid when I watched it a few years ago but the stupidity is becoming the new reality in American politics. The sci-fi comedy movie was set 500 years in the future but I think nobody expected the fictitious narratives to become reality too soon; 2016!

I think I know what to ask Donald Trump if I ever get the chance to see him; 
"Have you watched Idiocracy?"