Netanyahu's version of a Palestinian state

This is an old write up. First posted in my Facebook Note two weeks ago (16 June 2009).

"Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu endorses creation of Palestinian state" - New York Daily Times

"Netanyahu Answers 'Yes' on Palestine" - Washington Post

In a quick glance, the headlines above does sound a little promising. But read on to understand what kind of Palestinian 'state' is Netanyahu endorsing.
“Each will have its flag, each will have its anthem. The Palestinian territory will be without arms, will not control airspace, will not be able to have arms enter.” - Benjamin Netanyahu (15 June 2009, Times Online)
Funny that of all things, the Israeli PM has to mention flag and anthem first while ignoring the basic and fundamental attributes of a state: sovereignty, territory, authority and population.

A future Palestinian state is not fit to be recognised as a "state" - at least in the context of international politics - IF it does not fulfill the basic attributes of a state as above. A free and independent state of Palestine must have full control and sovereignty over its territories of West Bank and Gaza, and most important of all, the right of self-determination.

Any further talks between Israel and Palestine must begin by recognising the basic natural rights of Palestinians. It is the natural right of any state authority to secure itself with military power. It is the natural right of Palestinians to self-defense and self-determination. Thus, the idea of Netanyahu's "demilitarized state" of Palestine is completely absurd.

I believe no sane political leaders in the world would accept such a flawed pre-conditions for peace or independence. And as usual, certain Western media was quick to give the impression that it is the Arab leaders who rejected the peace process while selectively chose not to highlight the details of the conditions.

This is only the fundamentals of the issue, of which Israel already failed to recognise. And we haven't even touch on other details such as the issue of the right of return of Palestinian refugees, the control over Palestinian natural resouces e.g. water, and so on.

I am willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, but certainly not the hawkish Netanyahu. The ability of Obama to even acknowledge the root cause of the Palestine-Israel conflict and admitting the difficulties in the peace process from both sides shows that he is a man with knowledge and substance.

But then again, there is a limit as to what extent the Obama administration can do to help. The longstanding disunity among Arab leader is the biggest problem of all. It is the Arab leaders - and to a certain extent members of the sleeping OIC - that should take responsibility for their own failings.