Occupied Palestine and Israel II

Some of my random postings on the Palestine-Israel issue on the local blogosphere.

1. On Hamas rocket attacks on the Jewish settlements;
..As you are aware, West Bank and Gaza is under full Israeli military occupation. Israel controls all land and sea borders. There is no freedom of movement. Their basic rights were denied. Do you expect no resistance at all to all these?

Obviously, Hamas knew that their Qassam rockets are nothing compared to the Israeli military might, but what they did was a show of defiance. This is absolutely natural in any fight against colonialism.

Furthermore, note that most of the Hamas rockets were targetted at Jewish settlements within Palestinian territories - which was not suppose to be there in the first place! It doesn't make sense for you to build houses in somebody else's territory and expect to live there in peace, do you?

Check this out to see how "terrible" the impact caused by the rockets. Something which the Israel used to justify their war on Gaza. http://palestinian.ning.com/forum/topics/the-other-side-of-the-story

To answer your analogy in the earlier part of the article, I wish to quote the following;
"Israeli apologists have presented absurd propaganda about those devices. We’ve been asked, for instance, what would we do if rockets were being launched on our homes in New York or Texas, from Canada or Mexico?

The proper answer is that, if those two nations had been unlawfully occupied or embargoed by the United States for 60 years of relentless oppression and repression, and if all attempts at peaceful change had been forcefully prevented or scuttled by the U.S., then such attacks would be an understandable, indeed a justifiable attempt at gaining intolerably deferred liberty.

Our appropriate response wouldn’t be to bomb the hell out of the nearest Canadian or Mexican city, but to collectively look into mirrors and earnestly ask ourselves, “What have we done wrong to incur their wrath?”

And then act to correct the situation."
- http://www.propeller.com/story/2009/01/01/the-truth-about-those-hamas-rockets

2. On the Palestinian resistance organizations and the root cause of the conflict;
..First, ask yourself why and what is Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups are fighting for? Why nobody care to think about this? They are fighting for independence and sovereignty of the state of Palestine! Even the the Americans fought against the British occupation. Same goes for the Indonesian against the Dutch, the Vietnamese against the French colonialism and so on so forth.

Secondly, you must understand the root cause of the problem, which many are still unaware or pretend not to highlight about the real fact that the state of Palestine is under Israel occupation since the end of the Six Day War in 1967. Not withstanding the fact that 70% of Palestinian lands were taken away in 1948 to create the state of Israel.

The Zionist regime has ignored hundreds of UN resolutions and international law which clearly stated that the Israeli occupation AND the creation of Jewish settlements within Palestinian territories are illegal.

Also, do you know that in 1975, the UN has stated that the Zionist ideology is a racist ideology. Equivalent to the Apartheid. But does Israel give a damn about all these? Hell no. Why? Because the UN is a toothless world organization. Because the US, the world's superpower is solidly behind them. Because the American political system were made to ensure that they will always support the cause of the Zionist regime.

I'd like to repeat again that the Palestinian state is under Israeli occupation. The Jewish settlements in Palestine is illegal, according to international law. Do you expect the Palestinians to just sit, watch and do nothing? While the Zionist regime freely bombs away their homes, take away their lands and farms which aged hundreds of years, denied them basic human rights, denied them the right of return for Palestinian refugees, something which is guaranteed by the UN, and so on so forth etc etc.

Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of Palestinian families and relatives were being cut off because of the illegal Palestinian wall, which was built inside Palestinian territories! With all these injustice, human rights abuse and atrocities do you expect no resistance?? Do you expect no resistance at all?

The question that should be asked to the Israeli and American political leaders is not whether Hamas or the Palestinian leaders support the establishment of Israel, BUT whether they support the existence of an independent Palestinian state??

Just Google the map of Palestine and compare them from 1948, 1967, 1990 to date. I think Palestine perhaps is the only country in the world where its territories are shrinking from time to time. And it looks as if the Palestinian state which is going to be wiped out.

3. On Fatah's alliance with the Israel authorities;
In the 80s, Israel secretly supported Hamas against the PLO led by Yasser Arafat. America too, in the 1980s supported Osama bin Laden and the Afghanistan mujahideen who fought against the Communist Soviet but years later it turn to backfire them. It is basically the same old divide and rule policy.

Israel does not want to see Hamas and Fatah united. So they sided with Fatah this time. Why? because Israel does not want peace - in the real sense - with Palestine. Peace in the real sense would mean the finalization of the two-state solution. Peace in the real sense means, giving independence and full sovereignty to the Palestinians.

As far as I can see, I do not foresee this to happen anytime soon because at present time, there isnt any Israeli political party bold enough to support the creation of an independent nation-state of Palestine and giving full sovereignty to the Palestinians; or they would risk losing badly in the election.

This is very much obvious. The fact that hundreds of thousands of illegal Jewish settlements were built in West Bank and Gaza in the past few decades are clear evidence that they want to keep a hold on to the Palestinian lands.

The unlawful Jewish settlements within Palestinian borders is one of the major stumbling block to the peace process. The illegal Apartheid wall is another. The stealing of Palestinian water resources by Israel is another issue. Do you honestly think Israel want to let go all these easily?

Thorough out history, no colonizer have let go their colonized territory easily. Even Malaysia fought hard for our independence, albeit a bloodless one. Therefore, I believe that Israel must be forced out from Palestinian lands. Soft approach does not seem to work anymore.

I am not interesting in the Arab world. The notion of an Arab world in the sense of a regional solidarity simply doesn't exist anymore. In my view, this is not just an Arab issue, but a matter of freedom and rights of self determination of the Palestinian people, something which have been denied for decades.

Moderate Palestinian leaders are being realistic throughout the years. What they are asking is only a fraction of the original Palestinian lands, which is the pre-1967 Palestinian borders. And this too have been denied by Israel. When Arafat was in power, Ariel 'butcher' Sharon ruled that Arafat must be removed as a condition for peace negotiation. And then, when Hamas won the general election, Israel yet again imposed a ridiculous set of conditions for negotiation, one of it is they do not want to recognise the new democratically elected Hamas government, even though the moderate Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh offered to renew peace process.


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