Art For Grabs, The Annexe Gallery

The Annexe Gallery, Central Market is currently having an "Art For Grabs" Merdeka exhibition from 30 and 31 August. More than 40 stalls selling paintings, artworks, t-shirts, books; and events like public forum themed 'Seksualiti Merdeka', music and poetry, film screening about Malaya and etc.

As mentioned in previous entry, one of the main reason I came was for the "Operation Malaya" film. But it turned out not to be the kind of war film that I expected though. heheh. I also bought two books, yes books some more; "Muhammad Abduh: Riwayat Hidup dan Pemikiran" and "Lagi Cerpen-Cerpen Underground- Saharil Hasrin & Faisal Tehrani".

Here are some of the pictures that I took with my little Sony Ericsson k800i.

Operation Malaya et cetera
..posters of films about Malaya that were made around Merdeka

The Big Durian
..Finally I got myself a copy of Amir Muhammad's 'The Big Durian' after years it was released

Seksualiti Merdeka, The Annexe Gallery
..Seksualiti Merdeka wall art

..Handout articles on Sexuality issues in Malaysia. One that really caught my attention was an article by Abdul Khalik in The Jakarta Post, "Islam recognizes homosexuality" I just can't believe it. Who are you to speak on Islam?? To me this is pure blasphemy. And I am sad to know that some of our human rights activists here are actually propogating for the so-called sexuality rights in Malaysia.

One of the sexuality issues discussed in the forum was on transexuals. Personally, I have no issues if a non Muslim wants to change his/her sex, but if you are a Muslim, you are bound by the laws of Islam.

The Annexe Gallery, Central Market
..t-shirt stall, The Annexe Gallery

The Annexe Gallery
..Food Not Bombs large banner.

The Annexe Gallery, Central Market & poetry

Happy Merdeka!


Anonymous said…
sudah bacakah komen di blog seksualiti merdeka? saya juga ada bicara tentang ini di blog saya.