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UMNO elections

So the great tension of the UMNO election has finally settled. It's been with a huge sigh of relief to know that Muhyiddin won the Deputy President post. To me, the Deputy President race is far more important the Ketua Pemuda election. I just can't imagine what disaster if Mat Taib won. Although I was disappointed that Mukhriz lost (and surprisingly finishing third!), as an outsider and a non-party member, I'd like to prefer to be positive about the election of Khairy Jamaluddin as the new Ketua Pemuda. Like it or not, Khairy has to change his arrogant style. I believe the hardest part now is for Khairy to reunite the different factions within Pemuda. This is not an easy task. Mukhriz might seemed to be accepting the result well, but obviously not to his staunch supporters and majority of the grassroots who voted for Mukhriz during the pencalonan period. I wish them all the best.

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