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Fuel prices down another 10 sen!

PETALING JAYA: The retail price of petrol and diesel will go down another 10sen effective Wednesday.

The new price of RON97 petrol would be RM1.90 per litre down from RM2.00, while RON92 petrol and diesel would be down to RM1.80 from RM1.90 per litre, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said in a statement released at about 5pm on Tuesday. - The Star
I know some people will still stay, ah it means nothing because the price of goods are still the same even though the government has reduced the petrol price 5 times. But try to look at the bright side of it. It is not that often you will hear something positive by the government. So, let's try to be more appreciative.

But on the other hand, it is not enough for Pak Lah to just say things like, "Dulu kalau harga minyak naik, pandai-pandai pula naikkan (harga barangan), tapi bila turun, tak pula turun-turun harganya.." (Utusan), without any strong action. The government should work harder in ensuring the prices of goods be reduced in line with the reduction of petrol prices.

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