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Munirah & Zainal wedding reception, Dewan Sivik, Petaling Jaya
..Munirah - Zainal wedding, Dewan Sivik, P.J

Phew, finally an update. A lot of things happened while I was 'away'. I'm starting to get busy with my studies. Tonnes of text books and reading materials to read. I'll probably need to shove aside some of the books on my reading list. Busy days ahead until Hari Raya I guess..

And thanks to the bloody Internet connectivity. My home Streamyx connection has been terrible the past few months. I can say it's the worst since using it for the last 5 years or so. I've really had enough of TM Customer Support's troubleshooting guide. I wanted to call TM awhile ago to ask how many calls have I made since May cos they haven't really fixed the problem til now, but the line was busy then and so I gave up after three attempts. Damnit.

Hmm, time's up. Later.


Wani Ardy said...

Attention please: My bungalawang.blogspot.com is now senikatawati.blogspot.com Thanks!

Shaira Nadiah MJ said...

Hmmm, ya I faced the same thing too. Stupid Streamyx, LOL.

Good luck and all the best!

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