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I hate to admit this all the time but the reality is that I've been spending so much time on "free" Twitter and Facebook and leaving this "paid" blog almost unattended. So what I would like to do today is to post some of my selected tweets here.

The issue of Palestine has always been close to my heart. So when the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas decided to go to the UN to seek for the UN's support for statehood or independence, I naturally became excited. Excited at the prospect of finally seeing freedom and justice for the Palestinians who are suffering from the Israeli occupation for almost three generations.And tweeted my thoughts and shared quite a number of articles on Twitter and Facebook, except here. While the majority of the international community are solidly behind the establishment for the state of Palestine, Hamas has been rather disappointing to say the least. Instead of showing solidarity with their fellow Palestinians, they questioned Mahmoud Abbas's intention of bringing the matter to the UN.

Here are some of my random tweets.

i-See..how to negotiate when the coloniser is building mo settlements within your territory. Freedom is fought. Never on a silver platter.
ii- How do you expect peace when you steal your neighbor's house, after a few years only willing to let go maid's room, and without keys. Doesn't make sense.
iii- Dear Tony (Blair), when Israel was formed (carved out of Palestinian lands) there wasn't any negotiation with the Palestinian leadership.
iv- The state of Israel was born in the UN. Why can't Palestine have the same right?
v- The American logic (referring to an op-ed in the Washington Post) that says that Palestinian independence would bring more hardship is just stupid. It is the Israeli colonialism and illegal settlements on Palestinian lands that's causing them hardship

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