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Malaysian Website Rankings for October 2010

According to Adoimagazine.com, Facebook has beaten Google to become the number 1 most popular website in Malaysia! And it is slightly comforting to know that Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia are ranked higher than Kosmo and Harian Metro on the Internet.

For those not in the know, Malay tabloid, Metro, is currently the number 1 most popular Malay daily - which to my view is such a disgrace if the trend were to represent the level of intelligence and thinking of the Malay society at large, if you get what I mean.

Below are the top 20 websites, taken from AdoiMagazine.com.

1. Facebook 16. Wordpress.com
2. Google Sites 17. Kosmo.com.my
3. Yahoo Sites 18. Maybank2u.com.my
4. Mudah.my 19. Cari.com.my
5. Youtube.com 20. Hmetro.com.my
6. Blogspot.com 21. Lelong.com.my
7. MSN Sites 22. Fooyoh.com
8. Thestar.com.my 23. Themalaysianinsider.com
9. Lowyat.net 24. Mobile88
10. Malaysiakini.com 25. Biz.thestar.com.my
11. Mylaunchpad.com.my 26. Airasia.com
12. Utusan.com.my 27. Sinchew.com.my
13. Blogger.com 28. Paultan.org
14. Wikipedia 29. Nst.com.my
15. Bharian.com.my 30. Sinchew-i.com

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