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"Hail" the English Defence League!

English Defence League rally

Ten people were charged with public order and other offences today over clashes with police after the English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism held protests in Leicester yesterday.

Supporters had arrived by the coachload since the early morning and were allowed to gather in four police-monitored pubs ahead of the protests in Hotel Street. Many wore EDL-branded hooded tops and some chanted "EDL, EDL''. Others carried banners bearing slogans such as "Sharia laws will destroy Britain and all our British values". [read more]

It's amazing to see that there is actually an anti-sharia movement in the United Kingdom even when the Muslims form only 3% of the population. So the fear of sharia being implemented in the UK is just mathematically absurd.

I think any sane citizen can easily comprehend that, but no, not the peoples of the English Defence League and its supporters.

It appears that far-right extremists spreading anti-Islam ideology is fast creeping across Europe and has now found its way across the English Channel. If the decades of the 60s and the 70s were often recognised as the socialist decades, then could it be possible that the next decade be dominated by extreme religio-political ideologies and far-right movements?

Is the modern world, or are we, getting less tolerant and accepting??

[pic source: Wikipedia]

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