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Quran-Burning and Freedom of Speech

“Shock the world into focus …get people to start asking hard questions …remind the world we still have freedom of speech … expose the truth … [and] force the world into action.”

Showing no sign of backing down under growing pressure, the Florida church planning to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11 offered “five more reasons” for doing so on Tuesday. It also took a swipe at critics, including “U.S. generals,” over freedom of speech.

An issue that has been simmering for two months sparked a fresh media frenzy following General David Petraeus’ warning Monday that the planned Quran-burning by the Gainesville-based Dove World Outreach Center could endanger American troops in Afghanistan and be used to incite violence around the world.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday evening commented to a mostly Muslim audience on Dove World pastor Terry Jones’ “plans to burn the Holy Quran on September 11.” [Read more]

So there you have it.. When freedom of speech is being abused, when freedom of speech is being justified to do stupid things; what you get is some moron extremist planning to burn a Quran - Islam's most sacred book. But.. oh wait, maybe this is what freedom of speech means to some people in America?


Anonymous said...

Ya the Americans should learn from Bodohland where freedom of speech and actions are both sanctioned by muslim UMNO like the demolition of temples with impunity, cow-head demonstration, burning churches, ban and burning Bahasa Bibles from Indonesia, copyright the word Allah and other Arabic words so that other religious groups could not use it for their worship .... and worst still, dececration of the holy communion. Allahwakbar!!!!

Shahnon said...

Mr Anonymous, a right is a right and a wrong is a wrong no matter who does it.

Two wrongs do not make a right, geddit?

So tell me are you condoning the pastor's moronic act of burning the holy Quran?

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