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IRA strikes again!

Bobby Sands was an Irish volunteer for the Provisional Irish Republican Army and member of the United Kingdom Parliament who died on hunger strike while in HM Prison Maze (Wikipedia)

Read all the Western media headlines below.
Not a single Western media outlet has mentioned the religion of the perpetrators. But imagine if similar event were to happen in the Middle East. For sure the media would mention the religion of the perpetrators and label them with names such as "Muslim terrorist" or "Islamic terrorist". It is never my intention to see the media headlines mentioning the religion of the people behind the latest bombing in Northern Ireland, but only to show how blatantly bias the Western media is, in their reporting.
Insurgency Rises in Northern Ireland - Wall Street Journal
A bomb that was just a blast from the past - Independent
Clinton condemns 'cowardly' N.Ireland car bombing
British PM condemns N. Ireland bombing - CNN
Northern Ireland car bomb blamed on dissident republicans - The Guardian
Ireland - Minister Martin deplores Newry bomb - ISRIA
Dissidents blamed for court bomb - Glasgow Evening Times
Republicans blamed for huge NI bomb - politics.co.uk
Dissident IRA Car Bomb Damages Courthouse - TIME
Republican terrorists blamed for detonating car bomb near border - Times Online
Courthouse car bombers condemned - Hillingdon Times
Dissidents blamed for NI car bomb - Channel 4 News
Car bomb explodes at Newry courthouse - BBC News

This incident reminds of an Irish Australian tourist whom I met during my visit to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last month. (I still prefer the city's old name, Saigon) I can't recall his name but from our conversation, he is a retiree and now spending his free time travelling the world, alone (his wife died few years ago).

It was an interesting conversation we had. When I asked him the reason why he migrated from Europe down south to Australia, he told us (there were other Dutch tourist in the conversation) about the "prospect of free and good life" in Australia, in the late 1960s. Now that's news to me.

But anyway, the thing that caught my interest was the way he refer to his origin country. Interestingly, after more than 4 decades of living in Perth, Australia, he still refer Northern Ireland as the "occupied country". Though it's not really something new to me, but to hear such a statement coming from a native Irish guy is refreshing, indeed.

It is exactly the same way Palestine is being referred to as "Occupied Palestine" by every Palestinians today.

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